WorldProg Sky T-Shirt

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UPDATE - "WorldProg Sky" T-Shirt!! Greetings WorldProggers! In about 3 to 4 months, The World Prog Project has an opportunity to move to a permanent, multi-faceted, mountainside 3 acre facility in the Catskill Mountains of New York State in the USA. Here we will have a music camp retreat / recording studio and world headquarters just a few miles from The Bethel Woods Center For The Arts... the one and only site of Woodstock, the 1969 concert that started everything (and then some.) We are currently in talks about future WorldProg events at that historic venue and surrounding area.

Yet, as we start our third year, we are asking for your help for the very first time - to even have a chance of this transition to be possible. Our goal of musicians networking and helping each other has started to allow future goals of helping anyone who needs help in certain categories / situations that we address. There are wonderful things coming and we hope to make very clear, to anyone who will listen, all the things we are doing and planning.

We will be selling our new t-shirts individually and in new content / event packages. BUT... before that date... if you make a donation of ANY amount, we can get closer to being able to continue operating The World Prog Project and moving all involved to the next level.

Donate anything you wish. All donations of $19 US or more will receive a WorldProg Sky t-shirt. (Free shipping in USA - Ask for overseas shipping quote) Black only - 100% heavy-duty cotton w/ EarthGreen Inks) weeks before they officially go on sale to the public this spring. Indicate S/M/L/XL in note - Please... (especially our friends) help us survive... and grow. - The WorldProg Team

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